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Last Friday, I hurt someone’s feelings when I told her why I didn’t like talking on the phone. It came out the wrong way…completely, and I felt terrible!! I still do. But during my apology, I was able to finally voice all the reasons why I HATE talking on the phone. I will text, carry on a BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) conversation, chat (ONLINE), Facebook, and tweet all day long. But I HATE talking on the phone. It’s nothing personal…in most cases.
  • I HATE being interrupted. I think it’s so incredibly rude in any conversation, face-to-face or otherwise. But it seems to happen much easier on the phone because you can’t see the other person, to know when (s)he may be finished and/or starting to speak.
  • I HATE when people just won’t get off the phone. If I do the “goodbye” song and dance 3 or 4 times, and I’m still not off the phone with you, don’t expect a phone call from me any time in the near future.
  • I hate when I can’t really hear the other person or vice-versa. This is probably the reason that will clarify things for a lot of people, especially those who knew me when I had no problem talking on the phone. Since mobile phones made their grand entrance, this problem is so much worse. Usually people are out and about, so there’s a ton of background noise, or the connection is bad on someone’s end (if not both), or they’re talking to someone else, which brings me to the next reason…
  • If you’re talking to me on the phone, then TALK TO ME ON THE PHONE, and not to everyone else around you…ESPECIALLY if you called ME.
  • I hate the obligatory “uh-huh, mmm-hmm” because the other person can’t see your face but still needs to know you’re listening.
  • I hate when I call and immediately after the person says, “Hello”, (s)he says, “Hold on”. If you weren’t ready to talk to me, then you shouldn’t have answered.
Now, I typically talk to my mom everyday, but even she understands there are days when we just have to do the “How’s-it-going-My-day-sucked-I-read-your-tweet-today-Just-checking-in-Have-a-good-evening-Talk-to-you-later-Love-you” conversation and keep it moving. So please know that it’s not personal (again, in MOST cases). I just don’t like the phone. Period. Like I told the person last Friday, I’m trying to get better, only because I know that some people prefer to communicate that way, but that in no way means that I am going to start absolutely loving it. But I will tolerate it from time to time for people I care about.

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