Inspiring Big Thinking…and Giving

We (The Office of Advancement) sent out this video last Tuesday, and I’ve hesitated to post it for several reasons, but here it is! While I’ve received great feedback about it, it was such a struggle! I had a huge “back to the drawing board” moment with this video after spending so much time on it (production and post-production; mainly post-production) and just not liking it. Prior to this production, I don’t think I’ve ever presented a video for review, knowing I didn’t like it and feeling fairly certain that the team wouldn’t either (and they didn’t). When I did sit back down that same day to re-edit, I was able to add a few elements to better connect the concepts and clips to make it flow, and I was honestly surprised at the positive reaction when I “re-presented” it for review. As ambiguous as my feelings are/were about it, I do like how my idea of incorporating the iPad turned out.

As usual, I created the video screen for the email in Photoshop, using a still frame from one of the shots in the studio. This just happens to be a student who was in my class during my last year of teaching.


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