I received an update today from a Trinity alum through our Alumni Association Facebook page. It would have been so nice to just copy and paste, but there was so much information, that I felt it was only responsible to verify it all before publishing. Of course it all checked out, but it made me so thankful to be a part of this digital age! What a nightmare to have to do this without Google! Kudos to those who performed these duties before us!

Tailoring the message for different platforms can also be quite time-consuming. I’m posting the information on Facebook, but I also published it in the “Class Notes” area of Trinity’s website, which not only has a slightly different feel, but it also contains more of the information she included in her original message.

On a related note, I’ve added this author’s most recent novel (A Place at the Table) to my Good Reads list. It looks very interesting! And I consider the fact that she’s a Trinity alum an extra “bonus!” Here is her website:

And here is a list of the book’s reviews I found. 🙂

Washington Post
Miami Herald
Minnesota Star Tribune
Atlanta Magazine article & blog
American Booksellers Association Indie Next Pick
SIBA (Southern Independent Booksellers Association) 2013 Summer “Okra Picks”


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