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I just started editing the spring video for The Trinity Fund. This is actually the first time I’ve used Final Cut Pro X for this kind of project. I’ve only been using it since December, and the closest project I’ve done of this nature is the video I produced for Trinity’s capital campaign.

After I was trained in Final Cut Pro X in November, I wrote a post about its features. After getting into a little more complex editing with the spring video last week, I have a few more observations:

  • THE KEYING IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It’s so incredibly clean (above)! My instructor said it was, but I’m now seeing it for myself, and I am thoroughly impressed.
  • I used Auditioning for the first time, and it’s an amazing feature! Every clip of the teacher in the turquoise shirt is a great clip, so using the Auditioning feature to help narrow my choices by looking at–and listening for–subtle differences is invaluable.
  • I’m beyond frustrated about the fact that the keyframing with custom titles does not work (under the “Text” tab; the options under “Title” seem to work fine). I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, but after Googling and reading several forums about the problem, it looks like this is something Apple just hasn’t addressed. I tried keyframing drop shadows and tracking on words, and none of it works. This is unbelievable to me. The software was released more than three years ago. How has something like this never been fixed? I’m very disappointed.

Overall, I still love Final Cut Pro X, and I’m excited about using it for this production, especially since this is the project that I worried most about when I was just starting to use this software.


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