Love has no color

Davis insisted on going a different route on our walk, so we did, and we saw this in a neighbor’s yard. I love it! ???

I love that it says “Love HAS no color” and not “Love SEES no color.” While the notion of being “color blind” sounds nice and that’s what many of us were taught is the way to be, it’s actually damaging.

To not see color means to not see me, to not see who I am, what my struggles have been in the past, what my struggles are as a person, as a mom, as a mom of a Black boy…

My closest non-Black friends see color, and I thank God they do! Those are the ones who reached out—and continue reaching out—to ask how I’m doing during this tumultuous time. To see color doesn’t mean you’re racist or hateful; it’s quite the opposite. These friends are the ones who truly see me and know that I’m probably not ok right now BECAUSE of my “color.” In all honesty, they also aren’t ok (pandemic and all), but they know that there’s an added layer BECAUSE I’m different than they are. That’s powerful.

So see color. See race. Acknowledge it and don’t hide from it. Your love should see color, but it shouldn’t have color. In other words, “I love you simply because you’re you, regardless of color (love HAS no color), but I also see you for everything that makes you who you are (love SEES color).”

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