Quarantine Birthday

We have a 5-year-old! Like so many parents, we were determined to make Davis’s birthday super special, since a traditional party wasn’t an option due to the pandemic.

Admittedly, we went a little overboard with the presents. We started shopping online months ago, but it didn’t occur to me until a couple of weeks before his birthday, that he still may receive presents from other people! ??‍♀️

Also, at this point, we’re all pretty over Zoom (including Davis), so I got creative with an “Un-Zoom” party! I enlisted the help of family friends, and I edited a video for him to watch that day.

My aunt kept him for a couple of days up until his “birthday eve,” so I could work my “magic” on a balloon structure that I was determined to create, avoiding the $400+ price tag for a professional one.

I’m fairly certain I can say that I will never attempt an outdoor balloon structure again! Between the grass, wind, and heat, I was DONE! And below is the result of the afternoon thunderstorm. ??‍♀️ By this point, we’d gotten all the pictures we wanted, so we—including Davis—were over it.

We ordered his cake from Unforgettables, and we were not disappointed! Davis LOVES Paddington, and it was so perfect!

The gathering was limited to our “quaranteam”—the three of us, my mom, and my aunt.

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