MLK, Jr.

Below is my latest video production that was shown during this morning’s assembly. Although it’s only a little over 8 minutes long, it took a lot! I entered Trinity’s doors for a 7:30 AM meeting yesterday, and walked to my car at 7:30 PM last night. I wanted to do the subject matter justice. From the feedback I received, it was worth it.
I can’t take credit for the concept, or for much of the footage and photos (I wasn’t even born yet! ☺). The concept for the video came from my co-worker, Laurette (the one who has Nala). The production process was quite humbling, I must say. Searching through videos and images from that dark period in American history made me so incredibly grateful for my life, and for all who fought. I couldn’t help but think that just the act of me sitting at my desk producing a video, holding a position like this at a place like Trinity was absolutely unthinkable in those days!! It’s so hard to believe, and what’s even more interesting to me is the fact that it really wasn’t all that long ago.

Before I began the actual editing, I sat and listened to the entire “I Have a Dream” speech, and made notes of the segments I wanted to include. I remember one of my elementary teachers playing it for us at some point, but the understanding of it all at age 30 is dramatically different, and it’s almost impossible to explain the feeling I got as I sat in my office and listened. 
I hope you take a few minutes to enjoy and reflect.


  1. His speech brings me to tears each and every time I hear it – even snippets of it. Your work impressed the audience , not only because of your craft but because you presented the content so beautifully. I am fortunate to work with you.

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