Saving Grace

I started following a new blog (new to me) about a week or so ago. The way I came across it is somewhat amusing. A while ago, I received a “Change of Address” notification through Trinity’s website, from Heath DuPree, an assistant teacher. In the name field, it said “Heath & Neema DuPree”. So I assumed Neema was a spouse, but it gave me pause, since it’s a female name (please don’t use this as an opening to form an opinion of me or to begin a debate on lesbian couples – not the point). Because these notifications don’t usually include the child’s name, and I was unable to find Neema in the printed directory as a student, it didn’t occur to me that she might be a child. Well, she is…and a very cute one. ☺

I knew about Trinity hiring Heath, and I had seen Neema (pronounced ‘NAY-ma’), but I never made the connection. So when I realized Neema is her daughter, I was curious about the background story. I know people (myself included) have their own thoughts regarding interracial adoptions, but reading this blog from the very beginning will definitely have an influence on the way you view this subject – and many other things, for that matter.

It has been beyond inspiring and eye-opening for me. I don’t know Heath very well at all. I don’t even think we’ve passed each other in the hallway more than three times since she started working at Trinity in 2010, but she is clearly an absolutely remarkable person, and I strongly encourage you to bookmark this blog or add it to your RSS feed, if you have one.

I still have about 11 posts to read before I completely catch up, but I wanted to pass along a “good read”. These are a few that I’ve marked as favorites in my Reader:

Each one has its own reason for being marked as a favorite, which I may share at a later date. But the post with no title has a passage that encapsulates Heath’s blog (and life) perfectly:

“…I did not choose this path. It was a calling. It was something God put on my heart and I just answered. I am so obsessed with this little girl and she is my whole world. But with that, there are downsides, because now my whole world is not about me.”

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