My distraction from the chaos

Amidst the recent chaos in our world, my attention has been pretty laser focused on this little guy, blue teeth and all (thanks, Bruster’s Blue Pop sherbet). I find myself focusing on “the lasts” (this might be the last time he does this as a 4-year-old); marveling at how much more independent he’s become in just the last few weeks; and realizing—with a little sadness—that in just a few days, he will no longer be a toddler.

While I’m looking forward to moving on to the next phase, because I’m SO over the 4-year-old tantrums, I’m also grateful that he’s still young enough and innocent enough to not fully understand everything that’s happening in our world right now. We get to stop and take silly selfies with a blue mouth (and a unicorn) while waiting in the car for Daddy. We get to be completely “birthday focused” as far as he’s concerned, and I’m enjoying living the excitement through his eyes, if only for a few hours each day.

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