N O   G U I L T!

Davis and I spent about 11 hours at our neighborhood pool this past weekend—5 1/2 hours each day on Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday morning, I was able to get in a workout before he was ready to join me, and it was WONDERFUL! I had the entire pool to myself for the whole time, I got to clear my head, and I got to feel proud of myself for swimming again almost 6 months after my surgery (which is why I captured it on video).

When Sunday rolled around, I was looking forward to more of what I love: time with my book club! We had a virtual meeting that afternoon, but when I woke up, I was only halfway through the book. So while I was feverishly trying to finish, Lebrean had been playing with Davis, watching movies, etc.

But then, it all wasn’t enough. Lebrean had to work, then get ready to meet his clients. So Davis became sad because no one was playing with him. And guess what started creeping in: guilt.

But I refused to let it. Did you read how much time I’ve spent at the pool with him the past couple of days? I mean, I’m obsessed with spending time at the pool also, so it wasn’t a sacrifice by any means. But seriously, dude. Mommy needs to be able to do things she enjoys without you! And not feel guilty about it!

We all need to, moms.

Davis headed to my mom’s for a few hours while Lebrean went to work, and I enjoyed my book club meeting. And he was just fine! He will be just fine.

And I finished my book…without guilt.

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