Subtle Fundraising Humor

Every spring, there is a push to increase parent participation in the school’s annual fund (“The Trinity Fund”), which is fairly typical of most independent schools in the country. Around this time, I’m given a series of messages to program on the outside electronic marquee (“Don’t forget your gift to The Trinity Fund!” – “Let’s reach 100% parent participation!” – “Every gift counts!”), which I also use on the monitor at the front desk.

I would typically post a simple message with a few builds in Keynote.

This week, I decided to be a little creative with the message, “Don’t forget your gift to The Trinity Fund!” I still used a series of builds in Keynote to create this clip, but prior to bringing in the images, I edited them in Photoshop. And just for giggles, I decided to include a few familiar names. 🙂 It didn’t take some people long at all to notice. This was probably a little more fun for me than it should have been.

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