One-Second Clips

For Trinity’s Spring Annual Fund video, I was inspired by a concept in the movie, “Chef,” in which one of the main characters creates a video of one-second clips capturing his experiences traveling with his father on his food truck during the summer, and it’s ultimately used as a publicity piece for the business. I feel like videos of this nature are losing their impact, so I’m constantly looking for new concepts. For the email subject line, I chose “Your Impact in 60 Seconds,” to emphasize the fact that the video is short and not time-consuming.

Initially, I intended to collect shots around the school and present it as a “typical day at Trinity” type of montage. But as I started shooting, I decided to combine that with a culmination of the entire school year. I’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback (via emails), and as of today (after 48 hours), there have been 520 direct views and 245 views on Facebook, but not as much interaction as I’d hoped for…although I have received a few notifications of gifts to The Trinity Fund, since it was distributed and posted, which is ultimately the goal. I, however, was very pleased with the final product.

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