This post has the potential of being all over the place, as are my thoughts.

This morning, as I prepared to attend a memorial service, for some reason, this song from my 6th grade graduation popped into my mind: “You’re the One” by Babbie Mason. I’m still not sure why, but I had to listen to it, so I downloaded it immediately…and true to character, I played it several times, reminiscing about a much simpler time.

Ages 10 & 11 – Take me back

As the song played, it was also impossible not to think of our countless rehearsals for this ceremony. To this day, I can tell you which classmates sang each solo (one of whom–Danielle–is pictured below). But a sad, jarring thought occurred to me as I listened: two of those classmates (who sang the solos) are now deceased. Please keep in mind that I am only 32 years old, and that statement was also true almost 10 years ago. Admittedly, I have yet to wrap my mind around that fact…

Danielle (1980 – 2005), Sharmaine, Que

…among so many others.

Tonight, however, after being a little consumed and preoccupied with recent events that have brought so much sorrow and inexplicable pain, after a few sleepless nights, and as we’re all preparing in some way for tomorrow’s festivities, my heart is with those who are missing their precious loved ones. Our family is one of those “fresh” ones this year. This is when it really hurts, these months when the focus is on cherished time spent with family.

So as we’re preparing our feasts and perfecting our homes and looking forward to what tomorrow may hold, let us not forget those for whom tomorrow brings more pain than pleasantries. Pray for comfort for those whose focus will be on the empty place at the table.

I guess in some way or another, that may be all of us, right?


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Enjoy your time together.
I will.

*Of course, my intention isn’t to serve as the Thanksgiving Grinch. I’m just as excited to host Thanksgiving tomorrow, and to spend it with my family (and my best friend from 8th grade!). I simply want to acknowledge those in pain. The sad truth is that life goes on (which has always been such a harsh and unfair reality in my eyes), which makes it fairly easy to overlook those who may be hurting.

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