The Beauty and Freedom in Moving On

“You might need to forget someone or something. Not everything is forgivable. Sometimes, you just need to move on. Do that … but not before finding a lesson. Every experience we have exists to teach and prepare us for something coming our way. You owe it to yourself to find that lesson and take it all in. Getting knocked out sucks … but what sucks more is getting knocked out again, by the same fighter throwing the same punch. Don’t let that happen. Use the time while you’re getting off the mat to clear your head and think about how you’ll avoid getting hit so hard the next time. Then get up and keep on fighting. With eyes toward the future.”

I absolutely love these words. This passage was written by The Bert Show’s Jeff Dauler; he posted an amazing reflection this past weekend, inspired by a photo Bert Weiss postedand the dynamic between Bert and his father (my apologies for those who aren’t familiar). I somehow missed the original post this weekend, but fortunately, Jeff read it on the air this morning. I strongly encourage you to read it in its entirety when you have a moment.

While there are countless take-aways from this reflection, the above excerpt is what particularly resonated with me this morning, as I was reminded of my own experiences this year.

Admittedly, I was embarrassed for a while that I am just now learning some of life’s biggest lessons at my age. But now that I’ve dusted myself off, I can honestly say that I am truly grateful for experiences that, as painful as they were, have equipped me with wisdom, strength, and discernment, among other things.

I’ve moved on, found the lesson, took it all in, resolved not to be knocked out by the same fighter throwing the same punch, got off the mat, cleared my head, thought about how I’ll avoid getting hit so hard the next time, gotten up, and am ready to keep on fighting. With eyes toward the future…

…liberated, and able to hold my head up and walk away smiling…literally smiling.

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