Why Are the Black People Together?

This is one of the books offered for summer reading at my job this past summer – Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race, written by Spelman College President, Dr. Beverly Tatum.

Faculty and Staff members who chose to read the book gathered at the beginning of this school year to discuss it, but this morning, the discussion also included parents. It was a very powerful, open, provocative discussion.
Beforehand, I went straight to my friend and fellow “tweeter”, Megan (yes, I know I tend to mention her quite a bit on this blog) to ask what our hash tag would be for the discussion (she decided #TatumTrin, as we were discussing Beverly Tatum‘s book at Trinity). She’s like the ultimate “hash tag developer” for Twitter. ☺ So below is the series of tweets from this morning’s discussion. Unfortunately, Megan’s phone was roaming for most of the time, so she didn’t get to join in the “twit-versation”, so it was just me tweeting. But I want to share some of my thoughts from this powerful experience. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more later.
Chronologically, it starts from the bottom.
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