All day yesterday, much like the morning of September 11, 2001, I kept thinking, “What is November 22? I know it’s something.” I wondered if it was someone’s birthday that I just didn’t have on my Google Calendar. Was it someone’s anniversary? Then, around 11:20 PM, headed home on a dark, somewhat windy road, it hit me.

That was the day two years ago, when I just couldn’t shake a bad feeling. The rest is history. Yes, TECHNICALLY, according to the police report and insurance claim, the actual incident occurred on November 23, not the 22. But the November 22 is what I remember. I wonder if I always will.
Like many people, I can’t help but become reflective around this time of year. Sunday’s noon news report was the catalyst for me. The anchors reminded us that that day, November 21, was the 4-year-anniversary of the shooting of Kathryn Johnston. As I stood in the kitchen loading the dishwasher,  at the risk of awaking Lee, I proceeded to have a loud “conversation” with the news anchor. “WHAT?!?!?! It’s been that long?!? No way!!!! Really????” It really didn’t seem that long. It still doesn’t. But as soon as I thought about it, it all fit. I vividly remember when the story broke. It actually caught my attention, because I know someone by the name of Kathryn Johnson (no ‘t’ in her last name). I was getting ready for work in our townhouse, and that’s when it hit me – AGAIN – how fast time truly passes.
Now, here I stand. Four years later. Two houses later. One advanced degree later. One career change later.
What’s next?
What sums up your years? Are you satisfied?

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