A Thank You Note to My Unborn Child

Dear Little One,

What they said in the beginning was true: You weren’t quite “real” to me yet. You were so tiny that you were still just somewhat of an “idea.”

Two ultrasounds later, that all changed. You definitely became real, and I fell so in love with you. And then came the day I was 100% sure I felt you move: week 17, January 8. It was unmistakable and absolutely wonderful, and ever since, it’s been that feeling that’s been my anchor.

Your simple little moves–your kicks, punches, jolts, and stretches–remind me of what’s important.

When the length of my to-do list becomes too overwhelming to breathe, you move.

When life’s disappointments completely alter my mood, you move.

When work feels like it’s too much to handle, you move.

When anxiety takes over and stress feels like it will swallow me whole, you move.

When I feel like I simply won’t be able to handle it all, you move.

You’re only doing what’s natural. You’re moving. You’re simply moving. But every single time, it brings me back. Your simple, innate moves snap me back to reality and instantly remind me of what it’s all about, how incredibly beautiful my life is right now. And I’m so thankful. Thank you, little one, for giving me a reason to smile completely out of the blue…or so it may seem to others (even in the midst of Atlanta traffic).

Thank you for “nudging” me in the middle of the night, as I lie awake, my mind racing with everything that needs to be done before I see your cute little face for the first time, almost as if to say, “Hey. Chill. Just go with the flow. Like me!”

Thank you for shifting my focus.

Thank you for helping to dry my tears.

Thank you, little one, for perspective.

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