The one thing in life that’s constant is change.
To be brutally honest, I hate that phrase. I’ve never been a huge fan of change, good or bad. The anxiety alone nearly takes me out…every time. I love routine; it’s my friend. Monotony is my middle name. Well, actually, even that’s starting to change…just a little! No one should get overly excited. But enough of that tangent. The word “change” actually came to mind for a different reason today.
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I found this in my office today. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I paid attention to it. It’s been lying on my bottom shelf since the summer of 2008, when I started this position. (I don’t really know what else to do with it…besides blog about it)When I started working at Trinity, all new employees were asked to create a square, to become part of a “quilt”. Our squares were to represent us, and introduce us to the larger community. This “quilt” hung on the wall of the lounge for most of that school year, and the squares were later returned to us.

When I looked at this today, I couldn’t help but notice how much things have changed since 2005, when I designed this square. If I were to design a square today, I’m sure it would look nothing like this. To be quite honest, I’m not real sure how it would look (but that’s another blog post of its own). I’m still married, but would I have included two wedding photos? Would they be these particular photos? I’m still close to Mom and Aunt Sheila, but would this picture be the one I chose? Would I have included this cheerleading picture? Would I have included a cheerleading picture at all? Would I have even chosen to further decorate the square with frilly little silk white roses? And OMG! I can’t even remember the last time I crocheted or cross-stitched!

So much has changed since this square was created. So much. Do I still know this Sharmaine? Do YOU still know this Sharmaine? Would I rather be this Sharmaine? Or am I comfy with the miles of progression? Hmmm…..

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