Disturbing Update

Two nights ago (Sunday, April 6), Lee and I got a phone call from our next door neighbor, around 12:30 (I guess that would actually be morning). We had JUST gone to bed at 12:00 (don’t ask – just too much to get done!!). He was calling to tell us that the police were on their way because he had just seen 2 guys on our back deck, preparing to break into our house.

THANK GOD, he was awake, and he saw them, along with 2 other guys, in a car that was very suspicious. They appeared to be casing the houses as they slowly drove up and down the street. He kept an eye on them, and he called the police when he saw the car park on a street perpendicular to ours, because that’s when 2 of them got out and walked through the back yards of the houses. He saw both of their faces as they approached our deck, which is when he called Lee’s cell phone (which we didn’t hear). He then saw both of them put on ski masks, which is when he started flashing his flood lights and that scared them off. He called us on our home phone and told us, and a police officer showed up shortly after that.

Needless to say, we were both very shaken, but again, WE THANK GOD FOR PROTECTING US!!! So we know – and have always known – that we have His protection, and we also have, in the words of Madea, “a piece of steel” (“Diary of a Mad Black Woman“) and it WILL be used if necessary!

Of course, I was scared and upset, but then I just got downright ANGRY!!! Even before this, it has always made me so angry that someone would have the audacity to think they can just come and take what belongs to me when I have worked so hard for it. And to take it a step further, the fact that they would prepare to injure and/or kill me over my stuff just blows my mind!!!

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