Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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I created this simple image after my cousin's successful Indiegogo® campaign. There isn't much to it, but I really love the color combination! I stumbled across an article a few days ago on LinkedIn entitled, "4 Clever Color Combinations," and I just wanted to create something with one of them. Creatively speaking, your hands are…
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Updating the Garden

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I saw what I assume to be the most recent Olive Garden commercial at least 4 times this past weekend, and I couldn't help but notice the new look. Since Trinity went through the process of re-branding and developing a solid visual identity, I'm curious when I see other organizations make significant changes. And this…
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Adobe Bridge

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A couple of years ago, I took the initiative to replace the .pdf versions of some of Trinity's publications with HTML galleries created in Adobe Bridge. With the most recent issue of the magazine, though, the Director of Marketing and Communications made the decision to use Issuu instead, so it's time to archive and document…
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“Pushy” Slogan

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One of the goals for Trinity's capital campaign is to achieve 100% parent participation for The Trinity Fund throughout the life of the campaign. The Director of The Trinity Fund asked for ideas for a "spring push" (i.e., "90 in 90 Challenge": 90% parent participation in 90 days). She wants to reach 100% parent participation…
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Text Overlay

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I love the simple look of overlaying text on images (when it works). I took this photo during the students' dress rehearsal, using my Canon EOS Rebel T3, and I used this image specifically for social media on the day of the opera performance.
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Sharmaine “Spike” Mitchell

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I recently produced the spring video for The Trinity Fund and sent it out last Friday. I actually pulled a "Spike Lee" in this one, as I ended up making a cameo in my own production. I wanted to use a male staff member, but he never signed up to be filmed, so instead of…
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Cheerios the Champion

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From where I sit, Cheerios is winning at the game of marketing, and has been for quite some time. Their marketing team is clearly not afraid to think outside the box and take risks, but they balance that very well with maintaining the integrity of their brand. When they released the "Just Checking" commercial in…
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Incredible Marketing: World’s Toughest Job

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The idea behind this marketing is absolutely incredible. I definitely didn't see it coming; it's absolutely perfect for the company! The emotion at the end is priceless. The timing of the music...everything. It's just incredible. Major kudos!
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Keying & Auditioning

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I just started editing the spring video for The Trinity Fund. This is actually the first time I've used Final Cut Pro X for this kind of project. I've only been using it since December, and the closest project I've done of this nature is the video I produced for Trinity's capital campaign. After I…
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Student Work on Display

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I took this photo on my way to film students for a video production. It's the 1st grade hallway at Trinity (a hallway I saw everyday for three years). I didn't really have anything particular in mind, in terms of how I planned to use the photo. I just thought it was kind of cool,…
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