Altered Paper

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When a client asked me to find an image of a person comparing two documents (with specific wording), I knew I wouldn't be able to, so I found an image and altered it to be included in a business pitch presentation. Use the slider to see changes.
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70th Birthday Party Image

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I was hired to design an image for a 70th birthday party, to be used on a step and repeat banner. The client and I went through quite a series of revisions (below) before we arrived at exactly what he had in mind.  
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When Sending an Email Isn’t Just Sending an Email

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I was recently hired to design a print piece (a 5.5 x 8.5-inch "postcard") advertising a chamber music summer program, which would also be emailed to constituents. Sounds like a easy enough task that wouldn't require many hours of work, but besides weighing all the design options and revising, this is actually a perfect project…
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One-Second Clips

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For Trinity's Spring Annual Fund video, I was inspired by a concept in the movie, "Chef," in which one of the main characters creates a video of one-second clips capturing his experiences traveling with his father on his food truck during the summer, and it's ultimately used as a publicity piece for the business. I…
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Subtle Fundraising Humor

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Every spring, there is a push to increase parent participation in the school's annual fund ("The Trinity Fund"), which is fairly typical of most independent schools in the country. Around this time, I'm given a series of messages to program on the outside electronic marquee ("Don't forget your gift to The Trinity Fund!" - "Let's…
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Powerful Lesson on Empathy

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While visiting a 1st grade classroom for an unrelated assignment, I took this photo (below) using my iPhone after one of the teachers explained the lesson/activity to me. I immediately wanted to develop a creative way to share it with the larger school community, so I decided to use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop…
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Email: Event RSVP

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I was asked by the Director of Special Events to compose an email to constituents, with the hopes of increasing the number of RSVPs for this event. The copy had already been written as part of a previous news article, but during our discussion, she emphasized a few key elements she wanted to include: 1)…
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Impact Measurement

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I love a good spreadsheet (one without pivot tables)! I actually enjoyed compiling and analyzing this data from the last two years of the department's year-end appeals. This data compares apples to oranges in a sense, as 2013's appeal included a video, and 2014's appeal included a Facebook photo album. Because the method for 2014…
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Holiday Photos

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After about 6 years of producing videos for the school's annual fund, besides the fact that I feel like they're losing their impact with our audience and the fact that I've already produced two this fall, I really felt like it was time to do something different this holiday season. It's no secret that (in…
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Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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I created this simple image after my cousin's successful Indiegogo® campaign. There isn't much to it, but I really love the color combination! I stumbled across an article a few days ago on LinkedIn entitled, "4 Clever Color Combinations," and I just wanted to create something with one of them. Creatively speaking, your hands are…
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