Adobe After Effects

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[youtube] I took a 3-day Adobe After Effects class last week, and it was absolutely amazing!! After the first day, I spent about half an hour that evening getting to know the interface on my own. I used this picture (below) of my friends’ baby, used a mask to outline the flower, a tint…
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Here is the two-page outline I followed this morning as I operated two cameras during “Wagon Train Extravaganza”, performed by Fourth Grade students at Trinity. It was quite challenging. I definitely had to be “on it”. They moved fast, among three places on the stage: right, left, and center…for 45 minutes. I had one camera…
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Buttons & Headers

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I designed this button in Photoshop. I just removed it from Trinity’s Spotlight on Art website, since the auction has ended. The actual logo (“Spotlight on Art 30”) was not designed by me, but I did manipulate it, to remove the background, so that I could place it against whatever background I wanted, like I…
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Folded Corners

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This is my first attempt at creating a folded edge in Photoshop! I, in no way, claim to be a Photoshop expert, so I’m pretty proud of myself for this one.
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Latest Production

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I just completed this year’s Annual Fund holiday video, and it has been sent to about 3,000 people. I used LiveType, Motion, Final Cut Pro, and Flash for this project. I’m pretty excited about it. Visit my Video Gallery to see the production in its entirety. I also created a Flash version, which includes a…
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2 Years Under My Belt

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I finished the DVD for this year's graduation ceremony this morning, and left it at the front desk for copies to be made. That's it for video production until August! It's kinda hard to believe that I have held this position for 2 years!!…

What Goes Up…

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The beauty of my field of work is that it constantly changes. That's what keeps me on my toes. I was so excited about my video being public and easily accessible from our home page, but the time came today to change that button that I was so proud of creating!! Not to mention the…
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Last Friday (11.13.09), this year's Artists-in-Residence program at the school where I work came to an end. I was asked to produce a video recapping the program (which can be viewed by clicking on the screen below - about 18 minutes long). Producing an 18-minute video from 240 minutes of video footage and over 1,600…
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I Get to Use My Voice!

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Most people who know me know that I used to be into acting quite heavily (in high school). While I was voted "Most Photogenic" during my senior year, I was told by classmates that I was in the running for "Most Dramatic" (NO COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY). What many of those same people don't…
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Speak Life, Inc.

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I was commissioned by Speak Life, Inc. during its early stages, to create a customized flash intro and a more advanced navigation to implement in an existing site.    
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